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GAMKA School of Ministry

Basic Course

School of Ministry

  • The Ministry of the Saints
  • Introduction to the Five-Fold Ministry
  • Stages of Christian Growth
  • Apostolic Christological Foundations
  • The Tabernacle of Moses
  • And More
Advanced Course

School of Apostles

  • Who is an Apostle?
  • ‘Prophets & Teachers
  • Apostolic Duties: Laying Foundations
  • Apostolic Christological Foundations
  • Signs of Apostleship
  • Title/Ordination Vs. Function/Calling
  • False Apostles
  • Last Day Apostolic Ministry
Advanced Course

School of Prophets

  • Who is a Prophet?
  • Duties of A Prophet
  • Fields/Spheres of Influence
  • Hearing God’s Voice
  • Prophetic Inquiry
  • Prophetic Recording
  • Prophetic Bias & ‘Idols’ in the Heart
  • Signs, Symbols, & Interpretations
  • And More
Advanced Course

School of Teachers

  • Who Is a teacher?
  • The Teaching Gift
  • The Rain: Teacher of Righteousness
  • The Teacher’s Responsibility
  • Categories of Hearers
  • Communication & Expression
  • Teaching Practice
  • False Teachers
  • Common Doctrinal Errors
Advanced Course

School of Pastors

  • Who Is a Pastor?
  • The Pastoral Gift
  • Introduction to Shepherding
  • The Good Shepherd, The Hireling, & The Wolf
  • Duties of Shepherds
  • The Shepherd’s Staff: Authority
  • Categories of Sheep
  • Judgment of Shepherds
  • The Shepherd’s Reward
  • Church Growth: Quality Vs. Quantity
Advanced Course

School of Evangelists

  • Introduction to Evangelism
  • Who is an Evangelist?
  • Duties of Evangelists
  • What is the Gospel?
  • Who Should Evangelize?
  • How Do We Evangelize?
  • To Whom Do We Evangelize?
  • When Do We Evangelize?
  • Miracles, Signs, & Wonders
  • Modes and Methods: Effective Strategies
  • Evangelism Practice

Answer the call to ministry

Embark on a transformative journey, and become a vessel of God's grace at GAMKA School of Ministry

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